Many companies both large an small often find the need for extra help but don't have the space or budget requirements to hire full-time "real" employees. Our "virtual" assistant services are a valuable part of you team who:

DO NOT take up space in your office
DO NOT ask for benefits
DO NOT require you to pay payroll taxes
DO NOT ask for a vacation or
DO NOT fail to show up for work

Remember, your Virtual Assistant provides you with various website support services but is NOT your employee. we are an independent contractor who provides services for a monthly fee.

As anyone paying wages to hourly and/or salaried employees are aware there is a "base" wage and there is an "actual" wage. the cost of providing health insurance rises annually (and may soon be mandatory) while payroll taxes, FICA, holiday pay, vacation pay, equipment and training costs can put the squeeze on operating budgets. These taxes, benefits and other additional costs can make the "actual" wage of your worker up to 2 1/2 times higher than the "base" wage.

If you think our pricing is higher than some of the other VA sites you've visited, keep this old adage in mind that certainly applies to outsourcing: You get what you pay for.

We are not unskilled workers in underdeveloped countries. We are educated in computer sciences, speak fluent English and come from a rich urban culture. We have a high skill set to provide solutions to our clients problems. We give our best to make sure you have the best.  


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