What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant performs task ordinarily done by office staff. Digital Shaman Enterprises is skilled in many different areas and uses a wide variety of software. Every business is different. There is no way to forecast what each one will require.

We will work with you in determining the best way to handle your situation. It is likely that you will not see your requirement listed here in our offering. Just ask us about your particular need. We offer many that are not listed here. Some common tasks that we handle are word processing, typing, data entry, Internet research, correspondence - including labels and envelopes. We do all the things you wish you had time to do yourself!

A sampling of our Virtual Assistant Services include:
  • Web Site Design, Updates & Maintenance
  • Web Site Check-up (Links, META tags)
  • Search Engine Submission and Optimization
  • Document Preparation/ Production
  • Data Entry/Maintenance (Addresses, Mailing Lists, QuickBooks)
  • Desktop Publishing (Flyers, Menus, Brochures)
  • Internet Research (Our specialty)


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