Baby booties galore!

Hand knit baby booties and hats are one of my favorite things to make. Hats were made by machine knitting with hand finishing. These are a lot of fun to make and they work up pretty quickly. I like to work on small projects like this while I watch TV in the evenings. They’re also great to take along when I’m expecting to be sitting in the car waiting.

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This little collection was designed to fit newborn babies.





2014 Christmas Projects Undone

I’ve got a lot on my list that is supposed to be done for Christmas giving. I think I either need a cloned me or someone who’s willing to step in an volunteer to do everything else. Maybe slip me a piece of bread under the door to the room I happen to be in at the time.  I’m easy to please. Maybe a bit of jelly on toast? A cup of fresh coffee?

  • Baby Doll Clothes and Hats
  • Hats and more hats for grands (not sure how many I’m going to get done…short notice on the requests and all…)
  • Sweater dress (have a good start on this)    DONE!
  • Scarves for the elderly people I know. (Yes. I do know people older than me so stick a sock in it!)
  • Quilts to be quilted (I still have two or more that need to be pieced)

And all that doesn’t include the cooking, cleaning, shopping and chores that still need to be done every day. I’m so glad I’m “retired”.  I sure can’t figure out when I ever had time to have a job outside the house when I was younger.