The Shorkies are almost grown now!

Remember how cute and tiny they were at 1 week old?

Things changed! This is Minefield at 9 months old. She’s getting her first haircut. I have a lot to learn! But I think I’m getting more comfortable cutting hair on wiggly little critters.

And when she’s done, I have enough hair to make a Do It Yourself Puppy kit! Some assemble required!

Sometimes we like to sleep close like we did when we were little. The little dog bed is meant to snooze one small dog but if we wiggle tight, we both fitz!

We were only two months old here. We all fit in the small dog kennel. Now ONE dog fits in the kennel at a time!

I could tell them all apart when they were this young. Now that their adult fur has grown in and after a haircut, I have a hard time doing that without seeing their little faces straight on.

I think this would make an awesome puzzle!

Little Polly used to like taking naps with me. Now she’s too independent and likes to sleep under the bed instead of on it.

Poor Sam. The unwitting accomplice in the green Sharpie caper. He only wanted a turn at chewing on the squishy part.

But sister, Tiffany, wanted to keep the majority of the fun all to herself. I scoured the internet on how to remove the marker but by the next day, it was all gone and she was back to her normal colorings. Magical!

Petunia, or Toony as she likes to be called, is awaiting her turn to get her hair cut.

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