Re-purpose those wipe contaners!

You know how I love giving new use to thrown out or old stuff. I collect containers (don’t even get my started on my Crystal Light container collection) and found the perfect reuse for old Lysol wipes containers. This is the perfect little gift to give yourself or a friend for the summer…a grocery bag container. These are wonderful to throw in a beach bag for wet suits. They are perfect to have in your car for summer road trips. Whatever you reuse plastic bags for having a container full of them looks a heck of a lot better than stuffed in a drawer. Plus they are so much more portable this way.


I figured out how to fold them so that they are interconnected and one bag comes out at a time but pulls the next one out a little.


12 plastic grocery bags (I used Target ones)

coordinating fabric

Empty wipe container

Fabric Mod Podge

Foam brush

Spray adhesive

scissors or rotary cutter

quilting ruler


1. Grab a dozen bags and flatten them out pushing all the air out.


2. Fold them in half again pressing all the air out.


3. Overlap the handles onto the top of the previous bag. Do this for all 11 bags lining them all up into one big row.


4. Fold the first bag’s handle upward. This will be your middle and the first bag you pull out of the container. All the other bags will be connected to this first one.


5. Now tightly roll up your bags tucking in the new handles as you roll.



6. After you roll up 12 bags you are ready to insert them into your wipes container.




7. Tuck the first bag’s handles through the top. Now you are done.


Done? What do you mean done?

8. Cut out a piece of fabric roughly 8” x 10”. With your foam brush “paint” Fabric Mod Podge onto the fabric. The Mod Podge seals the edges and gives the fabric a durable water resistant surface.


9. After it is dry cut it to size. For one of the Lysol wipes containers I cut mine 7 1/8” x 10 3/8”. Then glue it in place. I use a spray adhesive because it is quick and easy. Overlap the pieces one over another. Adorable and practical!




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