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The cost to have your beautiful quilt top sandwiched together with batting and backing fabric depends on what style of quilting will suit your project. I offer a variety of designs including meandering but you can choose just about any pantograph from the thousands on the ‘net. Custom orders will take longer since I’ll have to wait until the pantograph is delivered to me.

Let’s get started with how to calculate the square inches of your quilt top so you can use the pricing information. Measure your quilt width and length in inches and multiply together.

For instance; if your quilt top is 72 x 90, then the total square inches would be 6,480. The minimum charge for longarm quilting your quilt is 0.015 cents per square inch. So let’s take the above example and figure out the cost of the minimum amount of quilting: 6,480 x 0.015 = $97.20 (that’s a twin/double size quilt).

0.015 to 0.025 cents per square inch

  • All over free-hand designs including meandering, circles and/or swirls. (Large sizes – about 4 inches between quilting lines – would be 0.015 per square inch)
  • Overall pantograph quilting: .02 cents per square inch (take width x length of your quilt).
  • Stencil patterns for blocks and borders. (Applied with pounce chalk)

0.02 to 0.035 cents per square inch

  • Feather borders, feather block patterns, all done freehand
  • Intense background fills, various cool patterns

Basting service: .0075 per square inch for horizontal and vertical basting at 3″ intervals.

  • BINDING: .20 per linear inch around perimeter of quilt for machine binding (attached to back and then machine stitched to front of quilt).
  • HAND BINDING: .25 per linear inch for hand stitched binding (machine stitched to front of quilt and then hand stitched to back of quilt).
  • MACHINE ATTACHED BINDING: .10 cents per inch (I prefer not to do this because it doesn’t look real nice because the stitching shows.)
  • HANGING SLEEVE: $12.00
  • SEAMING: $8.00
  • SHIPPING: $16.00
  • RUSH SERVICE: A rush service charge of 25% may be applied at customer’s request for faster service during holiday seasons.
    *Not included in the quilting prices are: batting, backing, binding, pressing, seaming, etc. Timberwolf Quilting Studio is not responsible for folds in fabric due to fullness of piecing.
  • There is a $40.00 minimum quilting charge on all orders which is for quilting alone. Additional charges may be applied for batting, etc.

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