Easy Street

This gorgeous Easy Street came into the shop and I was amazed at how striking it was when the client held it up from across the room. I love color and this just tickled my fancy. It was also HUGE! It stretched my frame to the limit. I think I only had about a four inch window for changing bobbins. Doable but I won’t repeat the experience. I was a big mistake.

Loaded and ready to rock-n-roll with an easy large meander. Never say “easy” when you’re stitching a quilt with this much color. I went cross-eyed many times while sewing this one. And…the back tension didn’t cooperate with me either. I had to do the big bad ugly.

 Yup. Unsew.  A LOT!!!! The entire queen size quilt had to be frogged. Once that was done, then I had to pick off all the broken stitch maggots off of both sides of ALL….THREE…LAYERS!!!!  This quilt was a huge learning experience for me. Size DOES matter.

I don’t think I took pictures of the completed quilt. I was so relieved just to give it back to it’s (happy customer, btw) owner that I forgot to take final shots.


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